Undergrad Electives by Field Area

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Number Title Codes
ECON 322SA Economics of Creative Goods R, SS
ECON 334 Health Economics EI, W, SS
ECON 345 Urban Economics EI, R, W, SS
ECON 348 Women in the Economy CCI, EI, R, SS
ECON 433 The Economics of Wages and Employment EI, R, W, QS, SS
ECON 435S Economics of Education SS
ECON 438 Public Finance QS, SS
ECON 442 Development Economics: Theory, Evidence and Policy CCI, R, SS
ECON 463 Law and Economics EI, QS, SS
ECON 464 Competitive Strategy and Industrial Organization QS, SS
ECON 555S International Trade R, SS
ECON 605 Advanced Microeconomic Analysis SS
Number Title Codes
ECON 174 Financial Accounting QS, SS
ECON 256 Practical Financial Markets
ECON 274 Advanced Financial and Managerial Accounting QS, SS
ECON 305 History of International Financial and Monetary Crises EI, CZ, SS
ECON 307A Understanding Financial Bubbles and Crises SS
ECON 333 Private Equity SS
ECON 353 Financial Institutions STS, SS
ECON 368 Behavioral Finance: A Taxonomy of Money Mistakes SS
ECON 370 Global Capital Markets W, SS
ECON 373 Corporate Finance R, QS, SS
ECON 377 The Economics of Financial Derivatives & Financial Engineering SS
ECON 377A The Economics of Financial Derivatives & Financial Engineering QS, SS
ECON 378 Financial Risk Management QS, SS
ECON 379 Emerging Markets: Finance, Trade, Institutions and the World Economy CCI, EI, CZ, SS
ECON 381S Inside Hedge Funds SS
ECON 382 Asset Management
ECON 383 Foreign Exchange Markets SS
ECON 383A Foreign Exchange Markets SS
ECON 390 Selected Topics in Economics
ECON 390A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Topics in Economics
ECON 413 Forecasting Financial Markets QS, SS
ECON 455 International Finance CCI, SS
ECON 461 How Markets Work: Theory, Evidence and Empirical Tools R, QS, SS
ECON 471 Financial Markets and Investment QS, SS
ECON 476 Empirical Asset Pricing SS
ECON 477 Fixed Income Markets and Quantitative Methods QS
ECON 512 Equity Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis
ECON 672 Empirical Methods in High Frequency Financial Econometrics
ECON 673 Mathematical Finance QS
ECON 674 Financial Derivatives