Emerging Markets: Finance, Trade, Institutions and the World Economy


Analyzes rise of emerging markets/economies and their new role in the context of global economy. Focus on post-1970s growth of countries such as China, India, South Korea, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil (and/or other countries according to students' interests) with particular emphasis on financial, industrial/trading and institutional aspects, linking such rise to the emergence of vast global economic imbalances and new trend in capital and trade flows of the last decade. Explores economic and policy challenges these countries and their companies increasingly face and implications for the world economy. Prerequisite: Economics 201D and 210D.


Prerequisite: Economics 201D and 210D

Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • EI
  • CZ
  • SS
Cross-Listed As
  • ICS 379
Typically Offered
Fall Only