January Networking Days

The goal of this 1.5-day, pre-spring semester program is to prepare Duke sophomores from all academic majors for the rigorous finance summer internship recruitment process starting in the spring of sophomore year. All sophomores at Duke University are eligible to participate, and all events are free.

The program kicks off in the late afternoon on Monday, January 6 with a panel discussion on interview preparation, guest lecture, and dinner. On Tuesday, January 7, representatives from a number of financial firms come to campus, meeting one-on-one with students for 30-minute mock interview sessions throughout the day.

In October, DFE sends the resumes of all participating sophomores to the firm representatives, who select students for one-on-one sessions. DFE notifies the students who have been selected for one-on-ones by early December. All students, regardless of one-on-one selections, are invited to attend the Monday events.

If you are a sophomore and would like to participate in January Networking Days, please register by 5pm on Friday, October 4.

Student at DFE Networking Days