Steering Committee

The Duke Financial Economics Center Steering Committee was established in 2011 to provide important counsel on the direction and decisions of the DFE. 

The committee also participates in developing external relationships and promoting the DFE's mission of engaging with students, faculty, and alumni.

Current Steering Committee Members

Chair: Meggan Kinum Zabel '93
Merrick Axel '96
Rich Copans '98
Joe Delgado '93
Kirsten Alexander Dzialga '93
Timothy Evans '14
Blake Goodner '96
Mychal Harrison '01
Beth Cohen Kojima '99
​Andy Laszlo '88
Max Lipscomb '15
Cindy Machen Marrs '84
Chuck McMullan '97
Jack Melnikoff '92
Judy Wagoner Pahren '84, P'21
Rich Parisi '96
Warren Rabin M.B.A. '01
Robert Sharp P'21
Craig Silberberg '99, A.M. '01
Satvinder Singh P'20, P'22
Mark Taber '92
Chris Wade '09
Michael Weiner '03