International Trade

The field of International Trade is primarily interested in understanding why countries trade and the consequences of trade for their economies, welfare and income distribution. Broad themes include: (1) When is trade mutually beneficial and how large are the gains from trade?; (2) What are the patterns of trade? Who sells what to whom?; and (3) Should governments regulate international trade? Why so or why not?

  Faculty Member
Rafael Dix-Carneiro headshot

Rafael Dix-Carneiro, Associate Professor of Economics

Professor Dix-Carneiro’s research focuses on the adjustment process triggered by trade and globalization shocks such as trade liberalization episodes or the emergence of China as a key international trade player.

Edward Tower headshot

Edward Tower, Professor of Economics

Ed Tower coauthored the book "Introduction to Numerical Simulation for Trade Theory and Policy” with John Gilbert. It's a guide for students working on trade policy issues.

Daniel Yi Xu headshot

Daniel Yi Xu, Professor of Economics

Professor Xu studies innovation, productivity growth, and industry dynamics in developing and emerging economies.