Labor Economics

Labor Economics focuses on how individuals make decisions that directly or indirectly intersect with the workplace, as well as on how these decisions are valued in the labor market. Directly, labor economists study questions such as how individuals search for jobs, decide what job offers to accept, how much effort they exert on the job, and how individuals value characteristics of the job beyond just how much the job pays. Indirectly, labor economists study questions such as how individuals invest in their skills -- be it through job training programs or education -- as well as how the labor market influences investment in children and marriage decisions.

Labor economics also includes Economics of the Household.

  Faculty Member
Peter Arcidiacono headshot

Peter S. Arcidiacono, Professor of Economics

Professor Arcidiacono specializes in research involving applied microeconomics, applied economics, and labor economics. His research primarily focuses on education and discrimination.
V Joseph Hotz headshot

V. Joseph Hotz, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Economics

Professor Hotz specializes in the subjects of applied econometrics, labor economics, economic demography, and economics of the family.
Gregor Jarosch

Gregor Jarosch, Associate Professor of Economics

Professor Jarosch works at the intersection of macroeconomics and labor economics. He is particularly interested in the determinants of wages and employment. His research combines data with economic theory, often building on frictional models of the labor market.

Arnaud Maurel headshot

Arnaud Maurel, Associate Professor of Economics

Professor Maurel’s research focuses on labor economics, economics of education, and microeconometrics.
Marjorie McElroy headshot

Marjorie B. McElroy, Professor of Economics

Professor McElroy focuses her research on the subjects of labor, demand systems, and financial economics.
Pilossoph, Laura

Laura Pilossoph, Assistant Professor of Economics

Professor Pilossoph's research interests include search, labor Economics, family economics, consumption dynamics and anything broadly fitting under the title of Applied Macroeconomics.
Xiao, Pengpeng

Pengpeng Xiao Assistant Professor of Economics

Prof. Xiao is an applied microeconomist with broad theoretical and empirical interests in topics such as gender inequality, search and matching, education, and intra-household decisions.