Macroeconomists ask large scale questions about economies, such as:

  • What determines the overall level of activity?
  • Why do unemployment and the inflation rate vary over time?
  • What determines the shape of the wealth distribution and inequality?
  • Why do some countries grow faster than others?
  • Why is growth faster now than centuries ago, and will this continue?
  • Why do exchange rates between currencies fluctuate?

Macroeconomists also ask questions about how government policies, such as fiscal and monetary policy, affect large-scale outcomes. Some macroeconomists mainly work with aggregate data when doing empirical work, while others seek answers to macroeconomic questions by using detailed data at a more micro level.

There are several subfields of macroeconomics represented at Duke, including:

  • Business Cycle Analysis
  • Monetary Economics
  • International Macroeconomics and Finance
  • Growth Theory
  • The Macroeconomics of Heterogenous Households/Firms
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Macroeconomics
  • International Macro and Finance
  • Aggregate Fluctuation
  • Heterogeneous Firms and Consumers
  Faculty Member
David Berger headshot

David Berger, Associate Professor of Economics

David's research interests include Macro/Monetary, Housing, Labor and Finance
Craig Burnside headshot

A. Craig Burnside, Mary Grace Wilson Distinguished Professor

Burnside’s fields of specialization include macroeconomics and international finance. His recent research focuses on foreign exchange markets, empirical methods in finance, and the behavior of prices in housing markets.
Laura Castillo-Martinez headshot

Laura Castillo Martinez, Assistant Research Professor of Economics

Laura's research focuses on international macroeconomics and monetary economics.

Michelle Connolly headshot

Michelle P. Connolly, Professor of the Practice of Economics

Professor Connolly’s research in international trade has focused on the impact of trade policy on technological diffusion and growth, particularly in developing countries.

“A Wobbly Crutch": Fullenkamp on Remittances in IMF Magazine

Connel Fullenkamp, Professor of the Practice of Economics

Professor Fullenkamp specializes in the investigation of financial market development and regulation of financial markets.
New Professor Studies the Role of Financial Markets in Developed Economies

Kyle Jurado, Assistant Professor of Economics

Jurado's research interests include business cycles, monetary policy, and asset pricing.
Macroeconomist Matthias Kehrig Joins Duke Econ Faculty

Matthias Kehrig, Assistant Professor of Economics

Kehrig works on macroeconomics, productivity, entrepreneurship, firm dynamics, and economics of uncertainty.

Lanteri Brings Macroeconomic Expertise to Duke

Andrea Lanteri, Assistant Professor of Economics

Lanteri's main research interests lie in Macroeconomics, in particular models with heterogeneous agents and optimal policy.

Meade, Ellen E

Ellen Meade, Research Professor of Economics

Professor Meade's research focuses on macroeconomic and international policy issues, particularly monetary policy, central banking, and exchange-rate regimes. Prof. Meade draws upon many years of experience working at the Federal Reserve and with foreign central banks and is especially interested in issues of institutional governance and policy communications.