Language Requirement

International students whose first language is not English are required to take a writing and speaking exam administered by the English for International Students (EIS) program. This requirement applies to all students, and is over and above the submission of the TOEFL or IELTS score. Under certain circumstances, some students may be exempt if their undergraduate degree is from an institution in an English-speaking country. Please note that the purpose of these exams is not to measure English proficiency. Rather, they assess whether you will benefit from targeted training in academic speaking and writing in order to succeed in your academic career here and beyond, and in which English for International Students (EIS) classes you would be best placed. While required by The Graduate School, these courses will not count toward our degree programs' course requirements.

The EIS program currently offers the following courses:

  • GS 720 Academic Writing I (3 credits)
  • GS 721 Oral Communication (4 credits)
  • GS 730 Academic Writing II (3 credits)
  • GS 731 Academic Presentations (3 credits)
  • GS 740 Advanced Pronunciation (3 credits)
  • GS 745 College Teaching for International Teaching Assistants (3 credits)

For more information, visit the EIS website.