M.A. En Route to Ph.D.

Doctoral students enrolled at Duke University can pursue a master's degree en route to the Ph.D. without paying for an additional 30 units of graduate credit. (Please note: Ph.D. students who wish to receive more than one master's degree en route to the Ph.D. will incur additional tuition charges.) Sometimes doctoral students from other programs at the university wish to earn a master's degree in a different department or school, typically in a field related to the discipline of their Ph.D. For those who would like to pursue an M.A. Economics degree to supplement their Ph.D. in another program, the following steps are required:

  1. Students must meet with the director of M.A. studies, Professor Kent Kimbrough, to discuss their academic plan for the M.A. Economics degree.
  2. Students must satisfy all of the M.A. program requirements for the degree in economics.
  3. Students must complete and submit The Graduate School's application to earn a M.A. degree in another discipline en route to the Ph.D. The application includes a rationale for the intellectual relationship between the two programs, a transcript, and two letters of recommendation from Duke faculty speaking to and supporting the relationship between the doctoral and M.A. Economics program. Students need to obtain the required approval signatures prior to submitting the application to the Graduate School.
  4. The application must be completed and submitted to the Graduate School well in advance of the graduation deadline dates in order for students to be formally approved. Once approved, they must apply to graduate as M.A. Economics students by deadline.
  5. After they have applied to graduate, students must complete a portfolio as their written M.A. Economics completion examination requirement. Please review information about portfolio requirements. The M.A. program assistant will notify students by email of semester portfolio deadline dates.
  6. Students must submit a list of courses to the director of M.A. studies indicating which courses will be completed to fulfill the M.A. program requirements. Courses on the list will be approved by the director of M.A. studies on a student-by-student basis and must form part of a coherent curriculum that fits with the student's area of concentration for the Ph.D.

List of Acceptable Non-ECON Courses for M.A. En Route

The following list of non-ECONcourses have been approved for the M.A. Economics en route to the Ph.D. Please keep in mind that, as noted above, all courses are subject to the approval of the director of M.A. studies; this list is meant to be suggestive only.

Course Field Course Number (Old Course Number) & Name
Business Administration BA 964 (564) Experimental Design & Analysis
Political Science POLSCI 634 (243S.01) Political Application of Game Theory/Deduct/Analytical Approaches
Political Science POLSCI 690S.02 (299BS.03) Adv. Topics: Political Economy of Economic Performance
Political Science POLSCI 690 (299BS.02) Adv. Topics: Comparative Political Economy
Political Science POLSCI 733 (303) Seminar on Statistics (Cross-Sectional time Series Analysis/Adv. Quantitative Methods)
Political Science POLSCI 890 (398) Building & Testing Macro-Micro Models
Public Policy PUBPOL 901 (501) Political Economy of Public Policy
Statistics STA 601 (290) Modern Statistical Data Analysis/Bayesian & Modern