Financial Aid

Duke Economics is committed to helping students defray the cost of graduate study through tuition waivers based on need and merit. We also seek to provide valuable learning opportunities to our master's students employed as research assistants, teaching assistants, graders, and research support staff.

We offer the following to eligible students:

Tuition Waivers 

(No work requirement.)

Need-based: Awards are based on need, merit, and other criteria. Information about application for need-based awards will be sent following the admission offer. For more information, admitted applicants may contact:

MAE - Grace Kim, MAE Director of Admissions. 

MSEC – Charles Becker, MSEC Director of Graduate Studies

MAPE – Timur KuranMAPE Director of Graduate Studies

Merit awards (MAE students only): In recognition of strong academic performance, we offer 5-20 percent tuition waivers to eligible MAE students after the completion of their first and second semesters. Criteria include both GPA (taking into consideration course difficulty) and faculty nomination. 

Student Employment Opportunities

Research Assistantships: These assistantships are intended to enhance research experiences and collaboration between master's students and Department of Economics faculty. Standard appointments are made on a per-semester basis (including summers) as a result of mutual agreement between individual faculty and students.

Teaching Assistantships: Master's students are hired as teaching assistants in the Economics Department for a variety of courses. In addition, master’s students are hired to provide instructional support as graders for Economics Department undergraduate core courses.

Other positions: These are positions outside of the department, such as:

  • Teaching or research assistantships in the Fuqua School of Business, Law School, Sanford School of Public Policy, Nicholas School of the Environment, and the Global Health Institute;
  • Computer and research support staff in Duke Libraries Center for Data Visualization Services;
  • Teaching assistants for other departments, such as Statistical Science and Computer Science.

Please see the Graduate School's information on financial aid for more possibilities.