Undergraduates Impress With Solid Research in Theses, Posters

Monday, May 10, 2010
Undergraduates Impress With Solid Research in Theses, Posters

10 May 2010 12:00AM

Approximately 30 top undergraduate students participated in honors program events this Spring. Competitions were held for best thesis, best research presentation and best poster. The students' wide-ranging research included topics such as market volatility, health care, microfinance, small business loan default, and software patents. Following is a list of the prize winners.

Best Thesis:
1st: Matt Rognlie "Spurious Jump Detection and Intraday Changes in Volatility" (Advisor: Tauchen)
2nd: Andre Born "Collusion with Three Bidders at First-Price Auctions" (Advisors: Marx and Connolly)
3rd: David Benson "The Dynamics of Health Care Demand During an Illness Episode" (Advisor: Sloan)

Best Research Presentation at Symposium:
Winner: David Benson
Runner-up: Matt Rognlie

Best Poster:
Student Vote (3-way tie): Zachary Kazzaz "The Effects of Preventative Medicaid Coverage on Avoidable Hospitalizations" (Advisor: Falba), Neal Jean "Performance Variation in the NBA: Guaranteed Contracts and the Contract Year Phenomenon" (Advisor: Arcidiacono) and John Min "Determining a Cartel’s Optimal Strategy at First-Price Auctions" (Advisors: Marx and Connolly)

Faculty Vote: Andrea Coravos "Measuring the Likelihood of Small Business Loan Default: Community Development Institutions and the use of Credit-Scoring to Minimize Default Risk" (Advisor: Becker)

Congratulations to all who participated in the honors events.

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