19 October 2009 12:00AM Durham, NC -- As financial markets lost value this year, a group of Duke University students found themselves in the midst of the turmoil, developing an investment strategy for a major Wall Street firm. While living in New York City for the semester, a team of eight students wrote a report for a Citigroup executive on how to take advantage of low prices for companies operating in the specialized “monoline” insurance industry, which was effected by the decline in value of subprime mortgages. “You… read more about Students Learn About Credit Crunch Up Close  »

16 October 2009 1:25PM Economist uses math models to describe financial markets Durham, NC -- As an ordinary guy making a living, Andrew Patton is as dismayed as the next person about the downturn in the financial markets. But as an economist whose research investigates the behavior of stock markets, he sees the past year’s drop in the Dow Jones and NASDAQ as a source of valuable information. (Article from Duke Today) read more about Andrew Patton: Modeling the Markets  »

22 September 2009 12:00AM In a recent video segment, Professor Roy Weintraub says the late British economist John Maynard Keynes would support fiscal stimulus plans. View the video segment here and visit the Center for History of Political Economy website to learn more about the Center's activities. read more about What would Keynes do?  »

05 April 2016 2:27PM Last night, when No. 2 seed Villanova beat No. 1 seed UNC with a three-point buzzer-beater, Megh Freeland officially won Duke Economics’ annual bracket challenge. Despite picking UNC to win it all, she secured a 10-point lead over the second place and bested 31 faculty, staff, and students. “I certainly didn’t expect to win,” said Freeland, human resources manager at the Social Sciences Research Institute. “I have no strategy; I just choose the awesome Tar Heels every year, regardless of their record.”… read more about Megh Freeland Wins Duke Econ Bracket Challenge »