Duke Econ Faculty and Graduate Students to Attend Annual ASSA Meeting in San Diego

A port in San Diego with boats and city in the background

San Diego, California. Land of sun, surf, and…economists? That’s right, it’s that time of year. The annual ASSA meeting will be held January 3 - 5, 2020. Duke faculty and graduate students will be presenting or participating as chairs, co-authors, discussants, and panelists, while Ph.D job market candidates will be interviewing for jobs throughout the weekend.

Below is a list of work authored or co-authored by Duke Economics faculty and students:

Who Runs the AEA? Leadership Hierarchy in American Postwar Economics

Andrej Svorenčík, University of Mannheim

Kevin Hoover, Duke University


Predictive Power at What Cost? Economic and Racial Justice of Data-Driven Algorithms

Ranae Jabri, Duke University


Transport, Urban Labor Markets, and Women's Mobility

Erica Field, Duke University

Kate Vyborny, Duke University


Safe Spaces: Avoiding Harassment and Stigma

Florence Kondylis, World Bank

Astrid Zwager, World Bank

Arianna Legovini, World Bank

Kate Vyborny, Duke University


Predictive Power at What Cost? Economic and Racial Justice of Data-Driven Algorithms

Ranae Jabri, Duke University


About Face: Seeing Class and Race

Mark Paul, New College of Florida

Imari Smith, Duke University

Sarah E. Gaither, Duke University

William Darity, Duke University


From Here to Equality: A Framework for Restitution for Black Descendants of American Slavery

William Darity Jr., Duke University

Kirsten Mullen, Artefactual


Measurement Error in Self-Reported Data: Experimental Evidence for Intimate Partner Violence

Erica Field, Duke University 

Jorge Aguero, University of Connecticut

Ursula Aldana, Institute of Peruvian Studies

Veronica Frisancho, Inter-American Development Bank

Javier Romero Haaker, Duke University


Income Changes and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya

Johannes Haushofer, Princeton University

Charlotte Ringdal, Norwegian School of Economics

Jeremy P. Shapiro, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Xiao Yu Wang, Duke University


Learning by Viewing? Social Learning, Regulatory Disclosure and Firm Productivity in Shale Gas

T. Robert Fetter, Duke University

Andrew Steck, University of Toronto

Christopher Timmins, Duke University

Douglas H. Wrenn, Pennsylvania State University


Comparing Predictive Accuracy in the Presence of a Loss Function Shape Parameter

Sander Barendse, Oxford University

Andrew Patton, Duke University


The Limits of Meritocracy: Screening Bureaucrats Under Imperfect Verifiability

Xiao Yu Wang, Duke University

Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato, Duke University

Shuang Zhang, University of Colorado Boulder


Learning Through the Grapevine: The Impact of Message Mutation, Transmission Failure, and Deliberate Bias

Matthew O. Jackson, Stanford University

Suraj Malladi, Stanford University

David McAdams, Duke University


On Her Own Account: How Strengthening Women’s Financial Control Impacts Labor Supply and Gender Norms

Erica Field, Duke University

Charity Moore, Harvard University

Rohini Pande, Harvard University

Natalia Rigol, Harvard University

Simone Schaner, University of Southern California


Decline in the Labor Share and Product Differentiation

Matthias Kehrig, Duke University

Nicolas Vincent, HEC Montreal


AEA Report: Best Practices for Improving Equity, Diversity, and the Professional Climate in Economics


Ben Bernanke, Brookings Institution

Leto Copeley, AEA Ombudsperson

Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, University of Maryland

Rohini Pande, Yale University

Cecilia Rouse, Princeton University

Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato, Duke University

Tony Smith, Yale University

David Wilcox, Peterson Institute for International Economics


Testing the Theory of Common Stock Ownership

Fiona Scott Morton, Yale University

Lysle Boller, Duke University


College Attrition and the Dynamics of Information Revelation

Arnaud Maurel, Duke University and NBER 

Esteban Aucejo, Arizona State University

Peter Arcidiacono, Duke University and NBER

Tyler Ransom, University of Oklahoma


Salvaging Falsified Instrumental Variable Models

Matthew Masten, Duke University

Alexandre Poirier, Georgetown University


The Effects of Localized Mass Layoffs on Academic Achievement Gaps

Dania V. Francis, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Elizabeth O. Ananat, Duke University and Barnard College

Anna Gassman-Pines, Duke University

Christina M. Gibson-Davis, Duke University


The Causes and Consequences of Neighborhood Sorting: Evidence from School Finance Reforms

Kenneth Whaley, Clemson University

Patrick Bayer, Duke University

Peter Blair, Harvard University


Gendered Demand for Modern Cook-Stoves and the Environmental Health Complementarities

Krishnapriya Parameswaran Perumbillissery, Duke University

Jennifer Meyer, Franklin & Marshall College

Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Duke University

Marc Jeuland, Duke University


In-group Bias and the Police: Evidence from Award Nominations

Nayoung Rim, United States Naval Academy 

Bocar Ba, Duke University

Roman Rivera, Columbia University


Network Effects in Police Use of Force

Bocar Ba, Duke University

Justin Holz, University of Chicago 

Roman Rivera, Columbia University


School Choice with Limited Attention

Modibo Sidibe, Duke University 

Kehinde Ajayi, World Bank


Does Hate Drive out Hate? Representation in Congress and (Non-)Violent Protests in the United States Civil Rights Movement

Gabor Nyeki, Duke University