Graduating MA Students Heading to Ph.D. Programs Worldwide

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

04 May 2010 12:00AM

Twelve of our graduating Master's program students have been admitted to Ph.D. programs worldwide in economics, finance, business and health policy.

"I'm really proud of of this group," said Meghan Jackson, Assistant to the Director of Graduate Studies. "The Ph.D. placements continue to get better each year thanks to our hardworking students always pushing to improve." 

One such student, Harvard University-bound Daria Pelech, described why she chose to pursue her economics studies at Duke.

"My undergrad degree was in sociology, but it didn't prepare me to do the sort of research I wanted to do," Pelech explained. "Now I'm graduating with a Master's degree from Duke, going to a Ph.D. program in health policy/health economics at Harvard and have much better math and research experience than I could have gotten any other way."

Following is the complete list of Ph.D program placements for 2010:

Michael Els – Tinbergen Institute (Finance)
Guo Yifang – Duke University (Economics)
Benjamin Jones – Arizona State University (Economics)
Kim Sangho – Ohio State University (Agricultural Economics)
Li Xin (Shelley) – Harvard University (Harvard Business School)
Lu Zhongjin (Jack) – Columbia University/GSB (Finance)
Daria Pelech – Harvard University (Health Policy/Health Economics)
Shao Lei – University of Texas (Economics)
Gracia Sierra – Rice University (Economics)
Wang Huihui – Duke University/Fuqua School of Business (Marketing)
Wu Wei – University of Chicago/Booth School of Business (Finance)
Zhou Yun – University of Texas (Economics)
Concong Li - University of Maryland/Smith School of Business (Accounting)

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