New Master’s Students Attend Orientation

Students listen to a professor speak

Duke Economics welcomed 92 new Master’s students to Durham on August 20th. This year’s cohort boasts students from Bulgaria, Chile, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United States. Students are in one of four programs--MAE, M.A. analytical political economy (MAPE), M.S. quantitative financial economics (MQFE), and M.S. economics and computation (MSEC). In terms of specific programs, MAE received 652 applicants and has 57 matriculants, MAPE received 93 applicants and has nine matriculants, MQFE received 155 applicants and has 11 matriculants, and MSEC received 87 candidates and 15 matriculants. 

Kent Kimbrough, the Director of Graduate Studies for the M.A. in Economics welcomed the new students and talked about the challenges and opportunities they will face in their years of graduate school. “This is going to be one of the most exciting times in your life,” he said. 

Program Coordinator Christyn Klinck spoke to students and counseled them to be sure they’re taking care of both their physical and mental health during stressful times, and talked about resources available to them at Duke.  Students were urged to join study groups not just for academic support, but to also form personal relationships with classmates. 

In his final thoughts, Kimbrough advised students, “Treat your studies as a job and be prepared to work hard.”