DURHAM, N.C. – Two Duke University seniors were among the recipients selected this weekend for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Qi Xuan Khoo and Shreyas Hallur were chosen from among many applicants from colleges and universities. Hallur received one of the 32 scholarships available to students from the United States, while Khoo won the only scholarship available to Malaysian citizens. The scholarships provide all expenses for two or three years of study at the University of Oxford in England. Recipients are selected… read more about Two Duke Seniors Win Rhodes Scholarships »

For the second time, the Review of Economic Studies is organizing this year a tour of North American institutions, with the aim of showcasing top job market candidates from European institutions.   This year’s speakers nominated by a committee of Restud board members are Alison Andrew (Oxford), Nicolas Bonneton (Mannheim), Amanda Dahlstrand-Rudin (Microsoft Research New England), Diego Kaenzig (Northwestern), and Noemie Touati (Columbia).  Duke University will host the first leg of this year’s tour, on… read more about Duke Economics to Host Leg of ReStud North American Tour »

Duke Economics prides itself on being where economics go far beyond finances, demonstrating just how multidimensional the discipline can be. Under the leadership of James Roberts, professor of Economics and Econ’s Chair, the department has been focusing on showing students how economics applies to multiple disciplines. From reconfiguring Econ 101 to developing labs and mentorship programs, Duke Econ is committed to dispelling pre-conceptions about the discipline and showing students that economics are applicable to the… read more about Econ’s New Faculty Take a Multifaceted Look at Real-World Problems »

As a freshman in college, Gorter Family Distinguished Professor Timur Kuran wanted to study chemical engineering. His advisor told him to take Econ 101 as an elective, saying that no matter what Kuran did in life, economics would serve him. Kuran’s TA in that class would set him on a course that changed his life. It was Oliver Hart, a man who is now a famous economist. Every week, Hart would give the class a short quiz. One week, the question was, “Should the government build a post office within 50 miles of every… read more about How a Failed Quiz Created an Economist »

Controlling the spread of misinformation on social media platforms has spurred important conversations about censorship and freedom of speech. “A tacit assumption has been that censorship, fact-checking and education are the only tools to fight misinformation,” says Duke University economist David McAdams. In new research published in the journal of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, McAdams and collaborators explore ways to improve the quality of information being shared on networks without… read more about Economists Have a Method for Reducing Fake News on Social Media »