Faculty, Grad Students Share New Research at 2018 AEA Conference

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Faculty, Grad Students Share New Research at 2018 AEA Conference

Duke Department of Economics faculty and graduate students will be attending the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association (AEA) on Jan. 5-7, and presenting or participating as chairs, co-authors, discussants, and panelists in 47 sessions. Additionally, Duke Economics Ph.D. job market candidates have interviews scheduled throughout the three-day conference in Philadelphia, Penn.

The following is a list of work to be presented at the meeting that have been authored or co-authored by our faculty and students:

Agriculture, Fire, and Infant Health
MARCOS RANGEL (Duke University)
TOM VOGL (Princeton University)

The Arc of Justice
WILLIAM A. DARITY, JR. (Duke University)

Are Blacks Lazy?
WILLIAM A. DARITY, JR. (Duke University)
SAMUEL L. MYERS, JR. (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
GREGORY N. PRICE (Morehouse College)
MAN XU (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

Bargaining and News
BRENDAN DALEY (Duke University)
BRETT GREEN (University of California-Berkeley)

Causal Effects of Universal Health Insurance: Evidence on Child Health in Mexico
GINA TURRINI (Duke University)
DUNCAN THOMAS (Duke University)
ANDREA VELASQUEZ (University of Colorado-Denver)

The Color of Wealth: Evidence Across United States Cities
MARK PAUL (Duke University)
WILLIAM A. DARITY, JR. (Duke University)

Design Issues in China’s National Carbon Market
*WILLIAM A. PIZER (Duke University)
*XILIANG ZHANG (Tsinghua University)

Economic Agents as Imperfect Problem Solvers
*COSMIN ILUT (Duke University)
ROSEN VALCHEV (Boston College)

The Effects of Increased Income on Children's Academic Achievement: Evidence From an Emerging Natural Experiment
ELIZABETH ANANAT (Duke University)

Female Labor Supply and Economic Development in India
ERICA FIELD (Duke University)
SIMONE SCHANER (University of Southern California)
NATALIA RIGOL (Harvard University)
ROHINI PANDE (Harvard University)

Full Employment and an Economic Bill of Rights for the 21st Century
MARK PAUL (Duke University)
WILLIAM A. DARITY, JR. (Duke University)

A Generalized Approach to Indeterminancy in Linear Rational Expectations Models
*FRANCESCO BIANCHI (Duke University)
GIOVANNI NICOLO (University of California-Los Angeles)

Individuation and Prosocial Behavior
VICTORIA LEE (Duke University)
RACHEL KRANTON (Duke University)
SCOTT HUETTEL (Duke University)

Inference on Breakdown Frontiers
MATTHEW A. MASTEN (Duke University)
ALEXANDER POIRIER (University of Iowa)

Collateral Damage: The Impact of Shale Gas on Mortgage Lending
YANYOU CHEN (Duke University)
JAMES W. ROBERTS (Duke University)
*ASHLEY VISSING (University of Chicago)

Full Employment and the Job Guarantee: An All-American Tradition
WILLIAM A. DARITY, JR. (Duke University)

Harmed Today and Vulnerable Tomorrow: The Link between Traumatic Experiences and Subsequent Psychological Distress and Substance Abuse
TIMOTHY DIETTE (Washington and Lee University)
ARTHUR GOLDSMITH (Washington and Lee University)
WILLIAM A. DARITY, JR. (Duke University)

Household Matters: Revisiting the Returns to Capital Among Female Microentrepreneurs
ARIELLE BERNHARDT (Harvard University)
ERICA FIELD (Duke University)
ROHINI PANDE (Harvard University)
NATALIA RIGOL (Harvard University)

Informing SPR Drawdown Policy through Oil Futures and Inventory Dynamics
*RICHARD NEWELL (Resources for the Future/Duke University)
BRIAN PREST (Duke University)

Maternal Mortality Risk and the Gender Gap in Desired Fertility: An Experimental Study on Learning and Communication Inside the Household
ERICA FIELD (Duke University)
ALESSANDRA VOENA (University of Chicago)
ROBERTA ZIPARO (Aix-Marseille University)

Monetary Policy and Asset Valuation
*FRANCESCO BIANCHI (Duke University)
MARTIN LETTAU (University of California-Berkeley)
SYDNEY C. LUDVIGSON (New York University)

News or Noise? The Missing Link
RYAN CHAHROUR (Boston College)
*KYLE JURADO (Duke University)

Partial Independence in Nonseparable Models
*MATTHEW A. MASTEN (Duke University)
ALEXANDER POIRIER (University of Iowa)

School Boards and Student Segregation
*HUGH MACARTNEY (Duke University)
JOHN SINGLETON (University of Rochester)

Shifts in Sectoral Wealth Shares and Risk Premia: What Explains Them?
RAVI BANSAL (Duke University)
COLIN WARD (University of Minnesota)
AMIR YARON (University of Pennsylvania)

Showmanship: The Relationship Between Health Care Provider Generosity and Provider Effort
MANOJ MOHANAN (Duke University)

Siting Solar PV Capacity to Maximize Environmental Benefits
STEVEN SEXTON (Duke University)
ROBERT HARRIS (Duke University)

The Social Rationale for Bride Abduction
*CHARLES BECKER (Duke University)
SUSAN STEINER (Leibniz Universitat Hannover and IZA)
LIN ZHAO (Duke University)

Tax Advantages and Imperfect Competition in Auctions for Municipal Bonds
DANIEL GARRETT (Duke University)
ANDREY ORDIN (Duke University)
JAMES W. ROBERTS (Duke University)

Valuing School Choice: Using a Randomized Experiment to Validate Welfare Evaluation of Private School Vouchers
KARTHIK MURALIDHARAN (University of California-San Diego)
EUN-YOUNG SHIM (University of California-San Diego)
JOHN D. SINGLETON (University of Rochester)